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Job Announcement:
Planetarium Producer, Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Job Summary:
The planetarium producer and animator is responsible for all visual content for use in the planetarium. Their responsibilities include production of original animation and fulldome video for the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium as well as the other domes at LASM. The producer and animator works with the educators to compliment their programs with creative and dynamic visuals. Script writing is also part of the producer's responsibilities from time to time. The producer and animator is also responsible for programming real-time astronomy shows in the DigitalSky2 software. Aside from the production of original content, the producer also prepares purchased content to play back in the Discovery Dome (portable), as well as the lobby dome, and the large dome. Lastly the planetarium producer and animator maintains the rendering farm and its software, as well as the file structure and organization of digital assets. View full job description [PDF]

"The Planets" Is Now Available!

The Southeastern Planetarium Association is proud to introduce the planetarium show, "The Planets." It's an exciting tour of the Solar System that looks at each planet as well as Solar System formation and extra-solar planets. It was written by Jon Bell, narrated by Kate Mulgrew (of Star Trek: Voyager), with music by Jonn Serrie and animations by Allen Davis. More Information